Automatic Interest Increase / Decay - AssignCRM

Automatic Interest Increase / Decay

Generally if you don't hear from a lead in a certain amount of time, it's quite likely that the interest has decreased. As a sales person you want to make sure this doesn't happen.

To reflect this, AssignCRM will automatically decrease or "decay" the Interest score of all deals over time. By default it decreases the interest value by 1 every 2 weeks of there being no correspondence.

You can edit these settings in the Lists tab, under General Settings.

Here you can specify the number of days before the interest decreases, and the amount that the interest will automatically decrease by.

Likewise, if there's activity in a deal, AssignCRM can automatically set the interest level to a minimum value. By default it will set any deal that has had activity within 2 weeks a minimum interest value of 3, but you can modify that in the General Settings above.