Phone Integration - AssignCRM

Phone Integration

Being Mobile

AssignCRM is optimized for use on a smartphone automatically, so as soon as you visit your web-based AssignCRM base, the page will automatically render in a way that makes it easier to use on a phone's smaller screen.

Beyond the smartphone-optimized display, there are also a couple of other features worth mentioning.

Firstly, you can easily import contacts from your phone. When you add a new deal, on the New Deal form on your phone you'll see a link called "Import Contact From Phone". If you click that then it will import the name, email address and other information from that contact onto the deal form.

This provides a really quick way to add new contacts from your phone, especially if they've emailed a contact card to you, or if you use an OCR tool to scan a business card (like CamCard), which normally import the contact details into your phone's contact book.

The other feature is the Call2CRM app, which we'll discuss in the next section.

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