Sign-Up - AssignCRM


AssignCRM is available as a free download. Just click Download on the home page to try it out on any Windows-based device.

The free version can also be used from the cloud - using our hybrid cloud technology, powered by Once installed, just click the "Make Available On the Web" button and you'll have an Internet-accessible URL to use your AssignCRM system from anywhere - absolutely free!

For a more reliable cloud solution, you can also use it on our WorkflowFirst cloud account, where you will have the ability to customize the app to suit your requirements. To do this, sign up on the WorkflowFirst website as a Bronze Partner. To do that now, click here. Once you get to WorkflowFirst, click Install App and select AssignCRM from the list.

If you want to have AssignCRM installed locally, customize it and have access to enterprise-level features such as SQL Server, IIS and AD integration, sign up for a Gold Partner account. That gives you the best of both worlds: private install with enterprise-grade features, and a cloud account you can use for low-volume use or testing. To sign up for a Gold Partner account now, click here.