Signing Up For WorkflowFirst - AssignCRM

Signing Up For WorkflowFirst

WorkflowFirst is a rapid application development platform produced by the same vendor responsible for AssignCRM. Because AssignCRM is created using WorkflowFirst, and we provide the full "source" of the app to you, you can customize or extend AssignCRM however you need to.

This includes things like adding fields or forms, adding actions (buttons), adding reports, validation and integrating with another system. You can totally white label the application, even changing its name and reselling it. The only requirement is that you cannot allow others to customize the application without a license for WorkflowFirst.

To sign up to use WorkflowFirst, visit

Once you sign up, you'll receive an email with the details of how to get to WorkflowFirst Designer. Once you're on the Designer page, click Install Application and on that page select AssignCRM from the list.

You can re-install the application again at any time to get the latest version of AssignCRM.

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