Dashboard - AssignCRM


AssignCRM gets its namesake from its workflow features, which make AssignCRM a fantastic tool for teams.

The workflow features in AssignCRM center on its ability to assign work items to different people in your team. For example, a task under a deal can be assigned to a co-worker. Or an email can be assigned to someone to remind them to follow-up. Items can be assigned to people, or to general roles - for example you can assign a quote to the Accounting role, if you need them to record it in their system.

Every time something is assigned to you, you will see it on the dashboard view.

This should give you a clear picture of how many items are assigned to you, and list all of those assignments across the entire system. Any reminders that are set up will be displayed in your personal workflow calendar at the bottom of the dashboard.

When an item is assigned to you, you'll also notice a red badge displayed in the tab:

Clicking that tab, you should see the record that is assigned to you highlighted in red:

Follow the thread of red highlights to get to the record that is assigned to you, and it'll often show you a message indicating what you need to do. Usually you can click one of the buttons on the record to process and remove the assignment. The red highlight will then disappear, along with the red badge count on the tab.