Product Task List - AssignCRM

Product Task List

Work on the products you sell is never really done. There will always be things you tweak or enhance, often based on customer requests or feedback, and sometimes based on market research.

AssignCRM provides a place to manage tasks and projects related to each product: the Tasks tab underneath a product. With the use of unlimited levels of subtasks, this can be used for managing entire projects, assigning each task to different users and monitoring the percentage complete to track progress.

The way you manage these tasks is almost identical to how you manage tasks under a deal and other areas, as discussed in in the checklists section.

The product task list can also be used to track any issues that are raised by customers. You can set the state to Investigating while you assign it to someone to look into, and then create a task to fix the problem, assign it to a worker, and have it email the customer when it is complete.