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Your Product and Service Database

Products and services are of course a critical component of your organization - if you had no products, you surely wouldn't have any customers! Therefore we have a comprehensive product and service database in AssignCRM, that lets you not only centralize the list of all the products you sell, but also lets you manage useful information such as the different editions of those services, documentation, knowledge base, pricing, task lists and projects. We even have a section to record who in your organization is an expert in that product.

To access the list of products, click on the Product tab.

Just like your deals, keeping your products and services up to date is absolutely critical. It lets reps have a clear view of what you're selling, what the current price is and so on.

To add a new product, enter in the name of the product at the top of the list in the Quick Entry area. Alternatively, click the "+" icon to bring up the new product form. You can edit a product by clicking the pencil icon at the end of the product row in the list.

To add a service, you'll need to use the "+" new product form so you can change the Type from Product to Service.

You can also select a type of "Folder", which lets you create a hierarchy of products.

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