Overview - AssignCRM


The Campaign tab is the place to manage your marketing projects, known as "campaigns", either campaigns that are currently active or campaigns that you're planning.

To add a new campaign, just click the "+" to the far right, and you'll see a form like this:

Let's run through some of the fields in the form to help you understand them:

State: This is the state of the campaign. An Active campaign is one that is currently in progress. A campaign in the Research state refers to one that is currently being researched to see if it makes sense to run such a campaign. During this phase the workers will populate the Research area under the campaign, and then make a determination whether to make the campaign Pending (which means it's planned, but not started yet). You can also set the campaign to Suspended (ie. it's on hold), Finished (after it's complete) or Canceled if you decided not to pursue the campaign after all.

Name: The name of the campaign if a short summary of the campaign, such as "Advertising in the ICO Monthly Magazine". Often you'll also include some date context, ie. 2018 at the end.

Product: This is the product or service that the campaign will primarily relate to.

Key Person: This is the person primarily responsible for running this campaign, the "campaign manager".

Date Start/End: This is the period that the campaign will be active for.

Budget: This is the approximate amount of money that has been put aside for the campaign.

Website: The website, if any, that provides more information about the campaign.

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