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Technical Integration Info

If you're technically minded, you can integrate certain other phone systems with AssignCRM by interfacing with the API.

If you're able to get the phone system to invoke a URL web service when a call is received, you can have it send an HTTP GET to the following URL:

The "" will be the domain where you're using AssignCRM.

The xxx (for caller-number) will be replaced with the phone number of the incoming call.

The yyy (for caller-name) will be replaced with the name associated with the incoming call (looked up in your contacts only).

The username will be replaced with your login name into the AssignCRM system, and password should be replaced with a base64-encoded version of your password.

Once this URL is invoked, the system will lookup a deal associated with that number and record it against that user profile. When the user next refreshes the page they will see a link to the associated deal.

Invoking the URL will also return the URL of the associated deal, in case a third party app wants to display the web page themselves.

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