Tracking Calls - AssignCRM

Tracking Calls

We've covered email and calendar integration in the previous sections, now we'll discuss how you can also integrate AssignCRM with your phone.

There are several ways that AssignCRM can integrate with your phone(s).

1. Click-To-Call browser plugins. Because AssignCRM is web-based, you can easily install a Chrome extension that will recognize telephone numbers on the page, and let you click them to call the number.

2. Call2CRM app. This is a simple utility that we provide to install on an Android phone. By setting this up with a simple URL we provide for your username, it will intercept any incoming calls and send the number to AssignCRM. When it's ringing, you can just refresh the page in AssignCRM and it will show you a link to any deal that it found (or a link to create a new lead for the caller).

3. 3CX PBX. If you use the new 3CX virtual PBX system, we have a special utility you can install on your PC. When you receive a call on your 3CX desk phone, it will automatically pop up with the associated deal on your screen. If no associated deal was found, it will give you the option of creating a new lead for the caller.

The Call2CRM utility and 3CX utility are available upon request. If you're interested in beta testing these utilities, please contact us.