Connecting to Google Calendar - AssignCRM

Connecting to Google Calendar


Because many of the appointments made with customers will be done through your own personal calendar, AssignCRM allows you to connect its database to the popular Google Calendar.

To set this up, there are some technical hurdles to get through first. We'll discuss those in the next section.

Presuming they're set up already, you can connect AssignCRM to your calendar by going to What's Next / Connect Calendar.

If you see an error like "No Web Service has been set up for 'Calendar'." then you need to check the next section first, to set up some of the technical configuration (this is something you'll only ever do once).

If it connects successfully, you'll then be able to go to the Sync tab, and when you click Scan in addition to importing email, it will also import recent calendar events. Then proceed to "include" the appointments you want to actually import into your main calendar, and when you click "File" each included appointment will be copied across to the corresponding deal.

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