Predefined Checklist Templates - AssignCRM

Predefined Checklist Templates

One particularly powerful feature of AssignCRM is its predefined checklists. These are a group of tasks that can be automatically (or manually) added to a deal in on go.

When the checklist is added to the deal as a list of tasks, they can be assigned to users all at once, or they can be set to be assigned sequentially. If sequential, the tasks will be assigned one after another. In other words, when the first task is completed then the second task will be assigned, and so on.

Checklist tasks can also be "delayed", meaning they will be activated only after a specified number of days. This can be useful for having automatic follow-ups after a presentation, for example.

To set up a predefined checklist, go to a particular product or service in the Products tab, then go to the hamburger button and select Predefined Checklists.

This will show the list of predefined checklists. You can add a new entry by clicking the "+" on the far right. This will bring up a form like this:

First you give the checklist a name, for example "Research lead". Then you click "+ Checklist Entry" for each task you want to be in the checklist.

The checklist entry has a summary, which becomes the title of the task.

It also has a setting called "Auto Create On Stage" where you can optionally select a pipeline stage that, when the deal is set to that stage, will automatically trigger the creation of this checklist. This can be a huge timesaver - letting you have automatic checklists for things like researching a lead, organizing a meeting, and even customer on-boarding once the deal is closed.

For each checklist item you can also specify whether it's seqential and the optional delay (in days) for when the task is assigned.

For assignment, you can optionally specify the user to assign the task to in the "Other Info" section.

Once you've defined this checklist, when you go to a deal you can click "Add Checklist" and now select the existing checklist template from the Product / Template fields.