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Email Templates

When you're dealing with leads or customers, you'll often find yourself repeating the same things over and over again. For example when a lead asks for your pricing, you'll need to pull up the same information, type the same details - and really this isn't a very good use of your time.

AssignCRM provides email templating for this purpose.

You can set up email templates under a specific product. Just click on the Products tab, find a product, and in there you'll see a sub-tab titled "Email Templates", which you can find in the hamburger menu:

Once you get to the Email Templates list, click the "+" icon on the far right in order to add a new template.

Once you add your template, you can now use it to send to people. We'd recommend testing it first on yourself, perhaps by setting up a pretend deal with your own email address.

To send the email template, you simply select the deals that you want to send the template to, click Send Emails, and select "Yes" for use template:

Once you click OK it will send the templated email to each of the selected deals, also recording the email as an activity in each deal.

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