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Email Tags

A very important part of the email integration is the use of hash tags in subjects to help the system know how to file the email.

There are two special hash tags that AssignCRM currently understands: #new and #todo.

The #new tag tells AssignCRM that the next hashtag is the name of a new deal. It will create the deal as a lead, use the email contact details for the contact and file that email under it.

If there is no #new tag, then the other hashtags will be looked up in the "Short Name" field of the deal to locate the deal. For instance if you have a deal called ACME Labs, and the Short Name is ACME, then if you have an email with #acme in the subject, it will automatically be filed under the ACME Labs deal, regardless of who it was from or to.

The other special tag is #todo. This assigns the email to you as a follow-up item. Once you reply to the email from within AssignCRM it will clear the assignment and mark it as complete.

Email tags can be especially useful when forwarding emails. If you receive an email from someone about a specific deal, but not from the usual contacts, you can forward it to yourself and modify the subject line to include the deal name - eg. #acme. When you next click Scan, it will pick up that email, see who it was originally forwarded from, and automatically file it under that deal.

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