Adding More Contacts - AssignCRM

Adding More Contacts

Once you've added your deal, you may want to add more contacts that are related to that deal. You can add these at any time by clicking the "Other Contacts" tab under the deal, once you click on the deal:

Once you click on the "+" at the far right, you will see the Other Contact form:

Keep in mind that once you add that contact, then any emails that come in that relate to a contact's email will automatically be filed under that deal. We'll talk about email integration in a later section.

Also, after you add the contact, you'll be taken to the Other Contacts list for that deal as the main screen, like this:

To get back to the deal's screen again, just click the deal name in the breadcrumb at the top. This is something you'll get used to as you use AssignCRM.

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