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Custom Stages

The Pipeline stages are the typical stages of a sales process - but you'll likely have your own stages of a sale that are more specific to your own organization.

For example if you're a money lender, you may want to run through a credit check before you'll consider someone for a deal.

These other stages are called Custom Stages, and unlike the Pipeline Stages these are completely under your control.

To set up the stages, go to the Lists tab, and click on the Custom Stages tab.

Then click the "+" button to the side to add a new stage.

Once you've set up your stages, you can go back to the Deals tab and you'll see them listed by clicking the "Custom Stages" gray link above the pipeline view:

Just like the Pipeline View, you can drag from one stage to another in this view. When you move a deal from a specific custom stage to another, it may also update the Pipeline Stage if that was set when you added the Custom Stages under the Lists tab.