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What's It For?

The deals tab is where you manage all of your deals that aren't yet customers. So that means all of your leads, prospects and opportunities. Once a deal closes, it'll go onto the Customers tab which we'll discuss in a later section.

The main view for the Deals tab is the Pipeline View, which shows you each stage of a deal as tile, containing the list of deals that are at that stage. This is handy to see a quick view of your pipeline.

At the bottom of each tile is a link that lets you easily add a new deal at that particular stage. For example if you click "Add Entry..." under Leads, then it'll pop up with a form that lets you enter in a new deal, automatically set to the stage "Lead". You can update that stage to whatever you want.

You can also quickly update a deal's stage by dragging it from one tile to another. For example if you know that you've setup a meeting for a particular lead, you can drag that deal from the Leads tile to the Meeting tile, and it'll update the pipeline stage automatically.

If you're a sales person, the deal page is probably where you'll spend most of your time. Now we'll look at it in more detail.

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