Customizing AssignCRM - AssignCRM

Customizing AssignCRM


AssignCRM has limited ability built-in to customize the application. For example you can set your own custom stages for deals, and you can set up custom checklists and email templates.

To go beyond that, you'll have to use the WorkflowFirst tool to make changes to AssignCRM. With WorkflowFirst we give you total control over how AssignCRM can be customized, because we provide you the "source" to the application. You can change or add tabs, fields, actions, reports - even the name and logo on the application, and many of these changes can be done without any programming skills at all. WorkflowFirst is intended for business analysts to use, not programmers.

In this section we'll discuss how you can get started with WorkflowFirst, and a few examples of customizations you can perform.