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AssignCRM is a workflow-oriented, highly customizable CRM.

There are a lot of CRMs out there. But how many of them work exactly the way you work?

Every business is different, and we all have unique ways of getting and keeping customers. AssignCRM is unlike any other CRM in just how versatile it is. AssignCRM was built so you can easily mold it into exactly the kind of CRM and front-office workflow system your organization or clients need.

But customizability isn't the only feature that makes AssignCRM stand apart. AssignCRM gets its namesake from the fact that it is a workflow-oriented CRM, built for team work.

The workflow features in AssignCRM center on its ability to assign work items to different people in your team. For example, a task under a deal can be assigned to a co-worker. Or an email can be assigned to someone to remind them to follow-up. Items can be assigned to people, or to general roles - for example you can assign a quote to the Accounting role, if you need them to record it in their system. This makes sure that requests never fall between the cracks, and opportunities never get forgotten and slip away.

Beyond its great customization features and workflow, AssignCRM has a plethora of other rich features so you can hit the ground running:

  • Deal pipeline management, from lead to closed deal

  • Email and two-way calendar integration

  • Research database for each deal

  • Team communications center

  • Checklist templates and workflow assignments

  • Bulk emails and email templates

  • Quoting and invoicing

  • Phone integration (cell phone and desk phone)

  • Customer database

  • Campaign management

  • Product management

  • Full API for integration with other systems

Take these amazing features and make them your own. AssignCRM will quickly become the center of your organization as you extend it to manage and automate the workflow from the front to back office.

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